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News Update #6

Posted: 15 Apr 2018 20:17
by 18. JgKp Flash-224
Dear fellow survivors,

We hope you're having a nice Sunday evening. Today we will be having a look at how some of the weapons will look in game.

All of these models have been hand made from scratch, according to real blueprints by our team of very talented 3D modelers.

The Soviet RGD-5 hand grenade which was designed in the 1950’s; right after World War 2. This baby contains 110 grams of TNT, explodes into around 300 pieces of metal and will wipe out any zombies in a radius of 25 meters.

The TZ-33, manufactured by Тавиянска Збройовка (Tavianska Zbrojovka / Taviana Arms Company). It is based on the Soviet TT-33 semi-automatic pistol from 1930 with a few modifications. It uses 7,62 mm cartridges which are nearly identical to the German Mauser cartridges, which can be used in it as well.

The Patrons have already gotten a sneak peak at the next batch of screenshots and those subscribed to the WIP screenshots have also gotten a sneak peak at how we've remade and improved the quality of the models used in the first trailer.

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