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News update #9

Posted: 31 May 2018 20:39
by admin
Dear fellow survivors,

As you are probably aware, the beginning of May was a time when people remembered those that perished in World War 2, in many countries around the world. What better time then to reveal how the new T34 monument in Mitrovice looks than now? Notice, we've also improved the lighting, what do you think?

Our Patrons will shortly receive the next batch of screenshots, showing off how we've remade the terrain on the small island.

If you want to see those news today, or if you wan If you want to help support the project, please consider becoming a Patron because we relay on your donations to keep going as we have no corporate backers at all:

Or for other ways to support us, see here:

Also, please share this post with your friends, its very important to get the word out there. 😉


We've improved the part of Mitrovice where the apartment blocks are to make them more realistic as opposed to in Origins Mod