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News Update #10

Posted: 15 Jun 2018 23:01
by admin
Dear fellow survivors,

Over the last two weeks, amongst other things, we have finished sculpting the landscape of the small island which will be present in the early access version (although maybe not in its entirety as we are currently working off donations and cannot achieve such a big load of work by winter from such a small budget).

The landscape has been crafted by hand, by the creator of Taviana, Martin who is also the lead designer of Pandmeik The Origins.

Remember, donations are crucial to this project as we have absolutely no sponsors and are working out of pocket, so if you want to support the project even with $1, please consider becoming a Patron:

Your help is much appreciated and a huge help to the project!


One of the weak spots of the original Taviana Island where the unrealistic, round mountains which we have worked very hard to make as realistic as possible.

Those mountains look very good!

Another weak spot on the original Taviana Island where the large slopes on the edges of the island which could not be used for anything. We have made beaches all around the island where players will now be able to build houses and use that space productively. In addition to that, we have expanded the bay beside Komarovo, and made even more room for base building.

We have also greatly expanded the area near Mitrovice with even more flat, agricultural land, to give players even more space for base building.

Those new mountains look dayumn good...