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Taviana The Origins mod for Dayz SA

Posted: 07 Nov 2019 21:39
by MakenHappy
Hey Origins Team,

I just want to ask you, if you are interested oneself doing a “Taviana The Origins” modification for Dayz SA. Lot of new people are playing Dayz SA and many of them are playing Dayz with different kinds of mods. But most of the guys do not know the origins and how great it was for Arma 2. I just want to say, creating a similar modification from “Taviana The Origins” for Dayz SA, can provide a bigger fanbase, bigger fanbase means more support. It properly helps your by testing your ideas with a well-done working game engine right now. It would cost less money and you could do more advertising for the right community.
I love your project and your will always have my support.
I am interested what your think?
Share your opinion.

Greetings, MakenHappy

Re: Taviana The Origins mod for Dayz SA

Posted: 11 Nov 2019 14:51
by -Martin-
We're focusing all our energy on finishing our own standalone game and have no plans of returning to moding other games. Creating mods was fun while it lasted, but we have grown older now and moved on to the professional level, we will leave mod making to the younger generation of players. ;)