Experience survival like never before!

The world has gone to hell and you're right in the middle. There is more to life than just surviving,and now you have a purpose. What is this infection that has spread across the globe?

Why are the dead walking again? Is there any hope in putting an end to this?

There is only one way to find out, grab what supplies you can and get exploring.

Game Features

Taviana The Origins is a post-apocalyptic zombie survival game with RPG and first/third person shooter features. Its main features include:

Open World - Survive in and explore what will be one of the biggest open world maps available to date. Set behind the iron curtain of the once mighty Soviet Union, you will find everything from mountains to beaches, mighty dams to calm lakes and creeks, big industrial cities to picturesque villages, medieval castles looking out over valleys, railways, bridges, ports, caves, bunkers, military bases and so much more!

Survival - Scour the abandoned buildings for food and water, don’t forget to sleep, oh and don’t forget to dress warm, it gets cold at night.

Animals - Watch out for the wild beasts that roam the land, everything from bears to boars, deer and wolves to small rabbits and birds, they all want to eat too.

Weapons - Always carry a few weapons with you because nobody is your friend. Customize them as you want, attach a silencer so the zombies don’t hear you, but you may not want to paint it pink so your foes don't notice you.

Base Building - It may be warm and sunny now, but winter is coming so you better build a house, customize it as you want, make it unique, but don’t forget to make it useful too.

Vehicles - All kinds of vehicles have been left to rust in the streets, why not put them to use again? Welding some iron sheets on the windows will give you some protection, why not add a machine gun and a plow to drive through a hoard of zombies, or build your own APC or even repair a helicopter if you have the skills?

Clothes - Running in track suits will definitely be more comfortable, but in the mountains a coat will definitely be more useful. Don’t forget a backpack, and a helmet will come in handy too. Why not customize your clothes and make them unique?

Play as a team - It always helps to have someone covering your back, better hope your friend isn’t the one to stab you in the back though!

Factions - Look at the patches on someones jacket carefully before you shoot them, you wouldn’t want to shoot one of your own!

Dynamic weather - The weathermen are never right, it's better to be safe than sorry, you wouldn’t want to fly into a storm cloud or get caught up in a snowstorm!

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