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by Lucas False
23 Jun 2019 22:43
Forum: Ask The Dev's
Topic: Gamescom 2019 ?
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Re: Gamescom 2019 ?

No. Maybe next year ;)
by Lucas False
18 May 2019 16:39
Forum: Ask The Dev's
Topic: Missions aviable ?
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Re: Missions aviable ?

And thank to Unreal Engine 4 we can make them much more complex, various and interesting ;)
by Lucas False
20 Feb 2019 23:11
Forum: Ask The Dev's
Topic: Zombies!
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Re: Zombies!

Hello! Will you have it so zombies will have an animation on "feasting" on fresh dead player bodies? We have no such plans at this moment. Have you guys planned, or know if it could be possible for a killed player to reanimate as a zombie? With their loot etc intact? I think it would make for a more...
by Lucas False
10 Jan 2019 17:30
Forum: Ask The Dev's
Topic: Anti-Cheat Software
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Re: Anti Cheat Software

EJsCog wrote:
10 Jan 2019 15:51
Hello Do you use obfuscation in your projects?I mean anti-cheat protection in games. What tricks do you use against hacking?
If we want tricks to work, we can't tell ;)
by Lucas False
07 Jan 2019 22:48
Forum: Ask The Dev's
Topic: Steam Pre Sale?
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Re: Steam Pre Sale

errope wrote:
06 Jan 2019 09:50
But will there be a linux version??
Linux players is not a large part of gaming community, so release game for Linux is not our main goal.
But UE4 supports Linux and of course one day we'll release Taviana for Linux. Maybe a couple months after the Windows release.
by Lucas False
02 Jan 2019 15:12
Forum: Новости и объявления (Только читать)
Topic: Годовой отчет о статусе проекта (2018)
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Годовой отчет о статусе проекта (2018)

Дорогие выжившие, Вот и закончился 2018 год, пора отчитаться за проделанную за год работу. Ровно 12 месяцев назад мы анонсировали игру и выпустили первый трейлер (если вы вдруг его пропустили, можете ознакомиться здесь ). Дата выхода игры Начиная с января мы работали по 6 дней в неделю, 12 часов в ...
by Lucas False
04 Dec 2018 10:13
Forum: Ask The Dev's
Topic: Respawn system
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Re: Respawn system

Maybe put a cooldown on the spawn locations so you can't just keep spawning in one location and annoy the hell out of the people, who build there? You can spawn in Kamenka for example once or twice, but if you die three times in 30 minutes or something you need to wait 10 minutes or spawn somewhere...
by Lucas False
12 Nov 2018 16:12
Forum: Ask The Dev's
Topic: Flying fortress, aliens?
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Re: Flying fortress, aliens?


№1. Yea, why not? It was a cool feature.
№2. I don't think so. Now we making a serious game, the aliens aren't a part of the Taviana lore.

But it's too early for these questions, I can't be sure.
by Lucas False
04 Nov 2018 14:06
Forum: Ask The Dev's
Topic: Zombie spawns in Orgins standalone
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Re: Zombie spawns in Orgins standalone

We making a brand new zombie spawn system.
Most zombies will be in towns, but you can find some in the forest or field.
Vehicle abuse won't work anymore.
Maybe we'll add a horde later, for now we working on base mechanics.
by Lucas False
01 Nov 2018 16:09
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Zombies and safezones
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Re: Zombies and safezones

There will be no safezones anymore :twisted: