News Update #34

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News Update #34

Post by admin » 17 Jun 2019 14:35

Dear fellow survivors,

Those of you that are subscribed to the WIP screenshots have already seen the new airport tower but for those of you who haven't, we'd like to show it to you! This is the most complex building we've made for the game up until now and probably will be for some time. Any World War 2 British aircraft concourses among us may have already noticed that the building is very similar to British WW2 designs and you would be correct. The building is based on the control tower at RAF Upper Heyford, but we put a Eastern Block twist on it. We also put a nuclear bunker under it! As promised, Unreal Engine 4 allows us to really go underground and that's what we're doing on many models. We will be exploring this building and the bunker in the upcoming game play video.

In other news, we still have a few building models left to complete which we're working on right now, and we have also re-made Dr. Ivan to fit the theme of the new zombies we've made. Subscribe to the WIP screenshots to see all of that.



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