News Update #23

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News Update #23

Post by admin » 02 Jan 2019 12:33

Dear fellow survivors,

We hope that you’re all doing well in 2019, and we’d like to start the year off by showing you something very cool that we’ve worked on very hard, the new, redesigned Scrap Buggy! Check this baby out! We used real factory blueprints to model the legendary VAZ 2101 engine; we made a realistic, fully animated suspension system and yes the gauges do work!

Image Image

We’ve also written a long, in-depth project status report and reflection on last year, where you will find answers to popular questions and our plan for 2019, please read it here: ... f=3&t=3697

If you like what we’re doing, please consider becoming a Patron:

For other ways to support the project, please visit, or just share this post:

And remember, to take part in the competition for a testing key in 2019, you have to do it through PayPal because Patreon’s terms & conditions have changed, please read all about that here: ... f=3&t=3201
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