Taviana News #44

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Taviana News #44

Post by admin » 03 Dec 2019 18:17

Dear fellow survivors,

You'd think, how can something as simple as a water pump, camp fire and watch be improved? Well, we asked ourselves that question and have you realized that 2020 is around the corner and in most of our competitor's games the water pump makes no sound and no water comes out when you use it!? We added a beautiful running water particle effect and sound to the water pump, and we added a beautiful, realistic particle effect and sound to the camp fire too! The compass and watch are real 3D models, rendered in real time now so they are affected by the lighting conditions in the world. We also added the ability to turn the watch bezel with your mouse wheel, to set a reminder (for example for your air supply when diving wink wink), and if you listen closely, it also ticks when on screen!


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