The Forum Rules

Please read the forum rules prior to posting. Not adhering to the forum rules will result in your account receiving a warning or being temporarily/permanently suspended.
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The Forum Rules

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Welcome to our forums,

Before posting, please read our rules which guarantee that out forums remain a pleasant, organized and easy to access place for all users. Not adhering to the rules will result in your account receiving a warning or being temporarily/permanently suspended.

Rules of Conduct

§1) Do not insult or use abusive/obscene language towards any users, members of staff on this forum or any other persons.
§2) Do not engage in racism, insult/discuss the sexual orientation, religious views, gender, nationality or political views of any persons.
§3) Do not start/participate in flame wars/trolling/humiliation or shaming of any persons.
§4) Do not intentionally derail threads off topic.
§5) Do not impersonate other forum users or members of staff.
§6) Do not publicly challenge the forum administration, if you have serious issues or concerns PM them or contact Mayak Game Studios S.L.
§7) Do not abuse the "Report Post" feature by reporting false claims/repeatedly reporting users.

Rules & Format of Posting

§8) Check whether a thread with your issue has already been started before creating a duplicate thread.
§9) Post your thread in the appropriate category.
§10) Use an appropriate and descriptive title when creating a thread, do not use titles such as "I neeeeeed heeelp", "buuug" etc...
§11) Do not post in all CAPITAL letters (except abbreviations), M1x€eD case letters/symbols or any other gibberish.
§12) Write in the English language only unless you are posting in a specifically designated forum for another language e.g. Chinese.
§13) Use punctuation, separate text in to paragraphs and adhere to the general rules for written communication.
§14) Do not reopen threads older than 1 year unless you have something substantial to add.
§15) Do not go off topic, post only comments relative to the given forum/thread.

Off-limit Materials, Topics & Discussions

§16) Do not post or link to any pornographic, lewd or erotic material.
§17) Do not post or link to any material exhibiting/depicting/promoting racism, national/ethnic/religious hatred, violence, substance abuse or any material that is illegal, offensive or obscene.
§18) Do not discuss politics, religion, sexual orientation and other sensitive subjects not related to the game.
§19) Do not use offensive logos, symbols, emblems, names, abbreviations or figures that are in any way linked to groups/organizations convicted of terrorism, oppression/hatred, war crimes, crimes against humanity etc... (e.g. SS,HH, 88 etc...)
§20) Do not willingly engage in copyright infringement.
§21) Do not discuss or link to any illegal software, pirated content, warez, hacks, cheats or other game exploits.
§22) Do not discuss/promote any illegal activities.
§23) Do not discuss ways to breach EULAs or any legal/business matters related to Mayak Game Studios S.L.
§24) Do not repost personal commutations from the forum administration or Mayak Game Studios S.L publicly or via PM to anyone.

Spam & Advertising

§25) Do not post meaningless nonsense, spam etc...
§26) Do not repeatedly post the same word, post etc...
§27) Advertising of any kind is forbidden unless you have been specifically granted permission to do so by Mayak Game Studios S.L.
(This includes posting links to external images/sites with the intention of advertising something).

False information

§28) Do not deliberately publish or repost false information/rumors about Taviana The Origins or Mayak Game Studios S.L.
§29) Do not publish any information/images regarding the development process of the game without being granted permission by the administration of this forum.

Personal Information

§30) Do not post/exchange sensitive personal information (this includes but is not limited to names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses etc...) of any persons with anyone on this forum. Report anyone demanding such information to the forum administration immediately.

Punishment & Appeals

The above rules describe just some situations of misconduct. All cases and the final decision is judged by the administration on a case-by-case basis. Administration may delete or edit published content at their discretion.

Not adhering to the above rules may result in a verbal warning, temporary or permanent suspension of your account.

If you think you have been punished unjustly, you can appeal to the administration to review your case.