6 Month Project Status Report! (2021 #1)

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6 Month Project Status Report! (2021 #1)

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Dear fellow survivors,

The time has come for another 6-month update.

Over the last two quarters, we have cleaned up the game, removing any unnecessary files that have been leftover from temporary prototypes that were made during the course of development. We have also double-checked all the assets to make sure there are no bugs in them, that they all have LODs, that there are no duplicate assets in the game, and so forth… Doing this ensures that unused or duplicate assets are not needlessly taking up memory and reducing the game’s performance.

We have also finished optimizing all the game assets by adding LODs where applicable or tweaking texture sizes so that small assets are not needlessly using up too much video memory for example. We have also set up culling on all the assets and simplified certain shaders to reduce their performance cost where possible.

In addition to optimizing the game, we have also re-worked certain assets to make sure that the visual quality is consistent throughout the game. We decided to do this because our skills have greatly improved during the course of the game’s development and some assets that we created in the beginning, were no longer up to par.

The next 6 months

In the next 2 quarters, we will concentrate all our efforts on finishing the programming side of the game which hasn’t gone as well as we had hoped due to some of our core team members have had to take time off work due to complications with the COVID-19 pandemic. You can expect many videos with game mechanics on our YouTube channel!

In addition to the programming, we will be focusing on creating the missing animations for the game. We have no idea how that’ll go at the moment and will keep you updated on that.

We also plan to re-work the game trailer to show off the game’s updated graphics and also edit in such a way so that it grabs viewers' attention and lets them know exactly what we’re about.

We would also like to improve the character model, as well as some of the vehicle models if we have enough time to do that as we didn’t manage to do that in the previous two quarters.

Thank you guys for sticking around and for your support, Much love, and much respect to you guys and we shall look forward to keeping you updated! meanwhile, you can track our progress on the live Trello document: https://trello.com/b/pNbzkl9k/taviana-d ... nt-roadmap

Until next time,

- The Taviana The Origins Dev Team

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