Dev's Shorts

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Dev's Shorts

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Dear fellow survivors,

We're starting a new segment called "Dev's Shorts" 🩳 where we'll be recording quick videos to keep you guys updated more frequently.

Dev's Shorts 1

In the first dev's shorts video, we'll re-visit the apartment we had a look at in December to see how we improved some of the assets, materials, and performance.

Dev's Shorts 2

As we finish up double-checking all the assets, we thought it would be a great idea to add 3D liquid to all the loot bottles. Its little details like this, that make the game really special.

Dev's Shorts 3

We've been asked on many occasions if you'll be able to find notes scattered throughout the game that will allude to the storyline. Well, yes, you will! Let's take a look at them in this short video.

Dev's Shorts 4

Today, we'll be having a brief look at the player map / minimap.